German Carvallo
German Carvallo
Class: Spanish

1. How long have you been teaching at Riverside Prep? This is my second year. Before this I had different businesses importing food, but my real day job was as an instructor for the Department of Defense working out of Fort Irwin, but we travelled the world to wherever the units were at. We were teaching guys how to be smart on the battlefield, stay alive and be careful.
2. What do you love about teaching? Teaching Spanish is fun, but I just love interacting with the kids. You get those moments where you can teach beyond just what you teach in the classroom. If something happened today, I want them to talk about it. Those moments of connecting with the kids are really what I like. When they appreciate that then they know you care for them.
3. What do you like most about teaching middle schools students? Everything. I like the middle schooler's spirit and their confidence, they walk a little taller. I like that I'm actually able to have discussions with them. The middle school kids, they're eager, they're excited and they have a lot of energy, so it's fun to feed off of that.
4. Favorite moment in teaching? I like scaring the kids, so on the first day I wear a very large hat, I have my boots on with spurs and I bring my guitar. I turn off the lights and shut the door, and they think I'm angry at them. I like to spook them and start playing my guitar like a desperado and then I just go "Thank you!" The reaction on their faces is so good and it's one thing the kids remember me for.  

5. What does it mean to be selected as the Middle School Teacher of the Month? I still have a lot to learn, so I'm very appreciative. It helps when you put a lot of time and thought into your lesson and it doesn't go right, but it gives you the motivation to keep trying. Even if you're not doing everything correct, I'm still recognized that I'm trying hard, so that's really cool. I have a lot of respect for (Middle School Principal Baeten), and I admire the way she runs her staff. We try to reflect what she does into our class. I'm not perfect, I've got some kids who act up and you have to learn how to deal with them, but I'm appreciative of the recognition.

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